Welcome to Gelivable English Language Teaching(ELT).

Gelivable is a Chinglish word which means 'be able to excite,make someone feel cheerful'.We hope our site will give you power,stength and energy in learning English.

To meet the requirements of new curriculum reform which started in the autumn of 2002,we decided to set up a website for teachers and students.Gelivable ELT was created on Sep 10,2005,the 20th Teachers' Day in China.Our site is a forum for ESOL teachers and students in China, and elsewhere. Our main purpose is to provide free materials and resources such as downloadable exercises, information about teacher training seminars, workshops and courses, study abroad links, online dictionaries, etc.

Since the opening of our site,we have made much progress which you can see from our homepage.W'd like to express thanks to those who have been supporting us.What's more,we sincerely hope you can give us more help and support to make this site a community for English teaching and learning.

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